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Moral Decay Begets Mass Killings

Many believe the epidemic of mass public killings largely stems from easy access to guns. But that can’t be right, because mass killings — whether carried out with guns, bombs, planes or other weapons — used to be a rarity in America even though guns were easy to come by. What changed in America? What led to the era of mass killings? Scratch guns off the list, because they have always been around. In fact, it used to be even easier to buy a gun than it is now — no background checks required — yet people didn’t go around massacring just for the sake of it. Preventing them from doing so … [Read More...]

Faith Dynamics

And No Religion Too

It’s symbolic — and ironic — that in Europe following terrorist attacks, the unofficial anthem of choice is that ode to atheism, John Lennon’s “Imagine.” After the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris, a … [Read More...]

A Divine Plan in Pope Francis?

Regarding the hard-core leftism of the current pope, it's disturbing, but grin and bear it. There may be a divine plan in all of this: use this pope to cozy up to the billions of people on the left in … [Read More...]

Believing in the Nongod of Nothingness

Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker recently quoted (or paraphrased) former Bush administration official Karl Rove as saying, “Faith is a gift that, unfortunately, I have not received.” Based … [Read More...]

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Fact-Checking PolitiFact

PolitiFact.com, a project of the Tampa Bay Times, … [Read More...]

Routine Events Don’t Make the News

Within days of the November 13 terrorist attacks … [Read More...]

Immigration Breeds Inequality

President Obama and the left rail against income … [Read More...]

Obama’s Weak Rationale for the Iran Deal

Apart from being shocking, the Iran deal is … [Read More...]

Roots of the Planned Parenthood Debacle

In addition to the outrage, Americans are … [Read More...]

The Economist Eviscerates Roe vs. Wade

The Economist magazine says it favors legal … [Read More...]

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AP and Fox News Make Big Grammatical Mistake

A stark manifestation of our increasingly atheistic and anti-religious culture is the frequent writing of God in lowercase. It's quite common among people who aren't writing professionals, e.g. users of social media or those who post their comments to articles. Now, even writing professionals are … [Read More...]

Steve Jobs a Hero for Integrity? Pick Another Virtue

At South Arbor Charter Academy, an elementary and middle school in Michigan, there's a corridor called Heroes Hall. It featured murals depicting such personages Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Betsy Ross, Gandhi, and Space Shuttle Columbia astronauts. It made news last fall when those murals … [Read More...]

Free Speech is Money

You know the saying that time is money. Free speech is money, too. The surest way to restrict someone's freedom of speech is to prohibit their ability to spend money on getting their word out. Mass communications is expensive. For example if I wanted thousands of people to read this article, I'd … [Read More...]

Had Abortion Been Legal in 1950s, Maybe No iPhone for You

In his biography Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson tells the story of Jobs' biological single mother being pregnant with him in 1954, apparently an unwanted pregnancy. He writes, "Nor was abortion an easy option in a small Catholic community. So in early 1955, Joanne traveled to San Francisco, where … [Read More...]

When Protestant Ministers Turn Catholic

In recent decades hundreds of Protestant ministers have left their vocation to join the Catholic Church. It’s enough of a frequent phenomenon that there’s even an organization, called the Coming Home Network International, dedicated to helping them with the practical aspects of having to abandon … [Read More...]

A Weak Reason for Leaving the Church

Social critic and "dissident feminist" Camille Paglia, who often boasts of being a Democrat and/or Green Party supporter but who seems to have a soft spot for conservatism, was interviewed recently by the liberal Catholic magazine America in which she discussed her abandonment of Catholicism. I … [Read More...]

Will Greece Go Russian?

Athens is due to run out of cash within the next few months, and prospects are dim for a new loan agreement between the European Union and the recalcitrant new Greek government. During negotiations with Germany, instead of trying to work out a deal Greece's radical left leaders have been acting … [Read More...]

Courses on Christianity by a Christ-Naysayer

There are a lot of book authors arguing in favor of the divinity of Christ and authenticity of the Gospels. There don't see to be many authors, however, who've made a name for themselves arguing against those assertions. One such author, though, is UNC-Chapel Hill professor Bart D. Ehrman. It seems … [Read More...]

New San Diego Bishop’s Wrong Approach to Poverty

First Chicago, now San Diego. Pope Francis just appointed a left-leaning bishop to lead the Diocese of San Diego, Bishop Robert McElroy. He reportedly is prone to "placing abortion and euthanasia on the same moral level as immigration and poverty." That probably means he plays down the former in … [Read More...]

Obama’s Christianity: Details Please

When Washington Post reporters Dan Balz and Robert Costa asked Wisconsin governor and presumed presidential candidate Scott Walker whether he considers president Obama to be a Christian, Walker didn’t answer the question in a way that would have made this a non-story. He instead answered it like a … [Read More...]

Sweden’s Accelerated Cultural Evolution

Of countries gradually transitioning culturally by immigration, Sweden is undergoing one of the most rapid transitions. It's a small country - just under 10 million in population - but it takes in more asylum seekers than European countries many times its size. In 2013 it accepted about 55,000 … [Read More...]

Matching Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage Will Breed Poverty

Brookings Institution analyst Gary Burtless takes a dim view of Seattle's $15 minimum wage, to be instituted during the coming years. His concern mainly stems from the inevitability of would-be Seattle business owners and employers setting up shop just outside the city limits, where the minimum wage … [Read More...]

Morning Chatter Worth Ignoring

Major newspapers often are criticized for disguising opinion stories as news stories on their front page. It seems safe to assume that one news outlet, called GlobalPost, embraces that style of journalism, making no bones about mixing news and opinion. It distributes an e-mail called GlobalPost … [Read More...]