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A Veiled “Racist” Smear

Has David Chalian, of PBS’s The News Hour, been taking his marching orders from Spencer Ackerman? That’s the “Journolist” member who wrote “call them racists” in reference to conservatives.

On the July 21 News Hour, Chalian smeared Tea Party activists when he said – paraphrasing – “ is saying hey, it’s not just elements in the Tea Party who are racists, it’s Sherrod who’s racist too…”

Either it’s a deliberate smear by Chalian, or he’s so out of it as to think that the folks at actually think that elements of the Tea Party are racists. Hasn’t he heard of’s standing offer of $100,000 to anyone who can produce evidence of the Democratic congressman’s smear that racial epithets were hurled at a rally? Probably not, since it’s doubtful he ever reads anything but left-leaning media outlets (which undoubtedly don’t report on’s $100,000 challenge).

Note to David Chalian: if you’re so sure that the Tea Party is racist, here’s your chance to make an easy $100,000.