A Success-Breeds-Contempt Case Study

One would be proud of hometown company that makes such quality products that it grows to become a worldwide phenomenon, right? Not in Seattle. Success breeds contempt – even if that company bends over backwards to try to please everyone, as is the case with Starbucks. It offers full healthcare coverage to even part-time employees. It buys only “fair trade” coffee beans. But measures like that cannot even come close to assuaging the ill will the company must engender just by opening coffeeshops in other countries and thus achieve the “multinational corporation” status. An acquisition in 2008 “already is drawing concern from the caffeine elite who’d rather buy from just about anyone than a hometown brand turned world corporation,” according to an article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The naysayers must be thinking, “Hm. Multinational corporation. That must mean that somewhere in that mix there must be a certain something called a ‘corporate executive.’ Rich corporate executive. Hissssss.” You know how much the term “corporate executive” sends leftists into paroxysms of resentment. I’ll bet they get more emotional when they hear that term than when they hear, say, the term “terrorist”.

If you serve hundreds throughout a community well, you’re a hero. If you serve millions throughout the world well, you’re anathema.

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