A Weak Reason for Leaving the Church

Social critic and “dissident feminist” Camille Paglia, who often boasts of being a Democrat and/or Green Party supporter but who seems to have a soft spot for conservatism, was interviewed recently by the liberal Catholic magazine America in which she discussed her abandonment of Catholicism.

I asked the nun what still seems to me a perfectly reasonable and intriguing question: if God is all-forgiving, will he ever forgive Satan? The nun’s reaction was stunning: she turned beet red and began screaming at me in front of everyone. That was when I concluded there was no room in the Catholic Church of that time for an inquiring mind.

Why doesn’t God forgive Satan? As I mentioned in the comments to that article, even if God did forgive Satan, he wouldn’t come back to God. Angels’ intellects are far superior to those of humans, and once they make a decision – which Satan did when he chose to rebel against God – they accept and embrace that decision as final, with full knowledge of the consequences.

Another commenter explained that God did not provide a plan of redemption for the angels (which includes Satan, a fallen angel) as He did for mankind.

It’s silly to leave the faith because a nun couldn’t adequately answer that question. I’m sure Ms. Paglia had other reasons, but one should not join or leave a religion based on personal preferences. One should do so based on whether that religion is true.

There’s abundant circumstantial evidence, as outlined in several recent books, for the divinity of Christ and authenticity of the Gospels. There’s also a very strong case to be made that the Church that Jesus established upon Peter’s rock was the Catholic Church. By rejecting that Church, Ms. Paglia is taking an extreme risk. Best not to set oneself up for a rude awakening when it’s time to plop down on that judgement seat.

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