Amazing Display of Episcopal Tolerance

(Public domain photograph from the from the Carol M. Highsmith Archive at the Library of Congress.)

Saints Peter and Paul must be quite alarmed right now after their namesake place of worship, The Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, better known as the Washington National Cathedral, held an unprecedented Muslim worship service last week.

The event in the Episcopal-run cathedral was intended to “make a statement about religious tolerance that would resound around the world,” according to the Washington Post.

The implication from that article is that we’re supposed to conclude that the event shows how tolerant Muslims are toward Christians. “Other speakers said they hoped the service would help correct some Americans’ misperceptions of Muslims as extremists and reinforce tolerance among faiths,” wrote the Post.

Assuming that’s the intention, are they for real? Do they actually think that a Christian church allowing a Muslim worship service therein shows how tolerant Muslims are? To my knowledge there are no reports of prominent mosques opening their doors to non-Muslim services.

The only thing it shows is that the Episcopalians are a tolerant lot – so tolerant that they’re willing to run counter to the First Commandment smack dab in the middle of their church. It makes one wonder how firm the Episcopal leadership’s beliefs are in the teachings of the Christian Bible.

Tolerance of different religions and love for other peoples is, of course, a prized virtue. But encouraging the worship on Jesus Christ’s altar and/or within His hallowed halls a perceived deity that is radically different from the deity to which He belongs, is a different matter altogether.



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