AP and Fox News Make Big Grammatical Mistake

A stark manifestation of our increasingly atheistic and anti-religious culture is the frequent writing of God in lowercase. It’s quite common among people who aren’t writing professionals, e.g. users of social media or those who post their comments to articles.

Now, even writing professionals are carrying out the practice. They’re willing to break the rules of grammar in an apparent effort to snub God and religion.

An article by the Associated Press and picked up by Foxnews.com describes a particularly disturbing murder in which a father allegedly threw his four-year-old daughter off a cliff.

Outside the courthouse the girl’s mother, Sarah Key-Marer, declared “Lauren was our gift from God, the best thing that ever happened to us.” But in the article it was written as, “Lauren was our gift from god, the best thing that ever happened to us.”

It’s likely that God was lowercase in the original AP article and Fox News left it that way. It’s always possible that God was uppercase in the original and Fox News changed it to lower case. Assuming the former, then the writer of the article, the AP editor, and the Fox News editor not only insulted God and people of faith, they also made an egregious grammatical error.

Sarah Key-Marer wasn’t referring to a Hindu god or some other pagan god. She no doubt was referring to God – the monotheistic God so ingrained in our culture. God is a proper noun, and proper nouns (e.g. names of persons and places) should always be written in uppercase.

What if AP would have written, “The bracelet was our gift from susan.” Or, “The necklace was our gift from mom.” And what if Fox News would have left it that way when they ran the article? It would have been obvious that they made a grammatical mistake.

Or, maybe the writer and editors consciously made a grammatical mistake but so loathed Susan, or so loathed Mom, that they wanted to insult them by writing their names in lowercase, regardless of the damage to their reputation as good stewards of the English language. Even such widely reviled figures as Hitler and Osama bin Laden get their names written in uppercase, as they should.

So why write God’s name in lowercase?

Maybe the AP and Fox News writers and editors are atheists and think that God is fictitious. Then they’re still in the wrong. Names of fictitious persons, such as Alice of Alice in Wonderland, are still written in uppercase.

My bet is that they wrote God in lowercase because they so loathe or disrespect people of faith, and/or are so committed to the atheist cause, that they want to send a clear message. Not only are they damaging their reputations as good stewards of the English language, but if God does exists, then they could be setting themselves up for a very rude awakening when they’re finished up with this life.

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