Bill Nye: PG, or Perhaps PG-13?

What a hassle it’s going to be. Bill Nye the Science Guy now requires parental guidance! Whoda thunk that the guy has had an agenda all this time, foisting it on his impressionable young viewers.

Believe me, if you allow yourself to appear on the far left’s Rachel Maddow’s TV show, and you call anyone who questions man-caused global warming unpatriotic, as Bill did the other day, then you have an axe to grind.

This means that whenever your kids watch reruns of his show (the PBS series ended) or more recent presentations, try to watch with them in order to provide commentary in response to any claptrap that ole’ Bill Nye spews.

Now hopefully he talks about noncontroversial things most of the time, like how magnets work or what not, but when he treads on hot political topics of the day like global warming, then you’d better be there to present to your kids the opposing point of view. And if you can’t watch with them, then talk about opposing viewpoints with them when you can. Have them check out websites like the Cassiopia Project including their video on global warming. They seem to really know their stuff when it comes to science – certainly more so than Bill.

I’m not saying I know for sure whether global warming exists and if so, whether man is causing it, but when it comes to something as controversial as that, be wary of guys like Bill; his opting to appear on Rachel’s show, and spew what he spewed, just blew away any appearance of objectivity on his part.

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