Classic Hitch

Cool as a cucumber, smooth as silk. That characterizes Christopher Hitchens’ reaction  to a questioner in the audience whose voice seems fairly mature and articulate, until you hear what he’s saying – at which point he comes off as quite immature. In a nutshell the questioner says that it’s America’s fault that the jihadists attack us.

Gotta love Hitch’s initial response. He takes a drag from his cigarette, a sip from his drink, lets the man have his say, and keeping with the flow of things says “There you have it ladies and gentlemen,” as the audience applauds the questioner. Someone not familiar with Hitch may think that he’s going to agree with and expand upon what the questioner has to say. Hitch says again, “there you have it.”

And then he goes for the jugular: “You see how far the termites have spread.” (Disclaimer: This blog doesn’t endorse using such metaphors in describing others, apart from terrorists and the like. To Hitch, by contrast, it’s not a concern.)

Hitch then proceeds to coolly and methodically disembowel the man who just spoke.

It’s art.

Watch the five-minute video here.

Hat tip to TheDC.

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