Driver Error is the Culprit

A recent letter to the editor in the Wall Street Journal confirmed what I’ve always thought: most car accidents are preventable. Driver error is mostly to blame, and if only someone had been paying better attention, driving more defensively, and/or driving more carefully, then the accident wouldn’t have happened. As the letter to the editor states, “A meteorite hitting your car is an ‘accident,’ everything else is driver error.” Most drivers aren’t that skilled, writes a former advanced training driver instructor. A similar phenomenon holds true in the realm of interpersonal relations. Most fights, arguments, soured relations, bad blood, and divorces are preventable, caused by “driver error”. I.e., caused by lack of people skills. For example, a person tries to accomplish something in a way that antagonizes another person, but there probably is a way to accomplish the same thing without antagonizing. The trouble is, most people who lack people skills don’t realize that they lack people skills or deny that they do so, so the problem never gets solved.

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