Hurricane Obamacare is Arriving

hurricaneHey Repubs and other opponents of Obamacare. You’re too late in taking the President to task for his “if-you-like-your-insurance-you-can-keep-it” ruse.

Back in late 2009 and early 2010, before Obamacare was passed, the President was repeating that mantra again and again, but the silence on the other side was deafening. Opponents of Obamacare were standing there like deer in headlights amid Obama’s antics. When he said it during the 2008 presidential debate, McCain let him get away with it. It was amazing how many others in Congress, the media and elsewhere during the run-up to the passage of Obamacare let him get away with it as well.

The key concepts of the Obamacare bill back then made it plain to see that millions of people were not going to be able to keep their health insurance after it got passed. THAT was the time to go out and inform the public about the dangers of Obamacare – not now, after it’s been passed!

But remarkably, little was said about that. While I’m sure someone, somewhere must have pointed it out, back in early 2009 I tried in vain to find literature debunking the “if-you-like-your-insurance-you-can-keep-it” deception.

So yours truly back then wrote an article pointing out the folly of believing Obama’s pledge. But I’d be lucky if a few hundred people even read it. Obamacare opponents needed to get the message out to millions. But they didn’t.

I mentioned back then that the President repeatedly assures us that if we like our current health insurance plan, we can keep it. That’s like telling New Orleans residents on the eve of Katrina that if you like your house, you can keep it.

Katrina is here.


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