In Academia-land, Not Lurching to the Far Left Means Moving to the Far Right

A Washington Times article on Republican losses in Virginia quotes one Mark J. Rozell, dean of George Mason University’s school of government, explaining the losses by saying “Republicans have moved so far to the right”.

In the comments section of the article I posted the following:

That’s a brazen and almost derisive statement, one that deserved closer scrutiny in the article. One strike against the reporter for not covering that. Two strikes against Rozell for such a spurious claim. Large numbers of Americans are moving to the far left. Alarming implications indeed.Democrats are moving rapidly toward the left, whether it be through embracing socialism, transgender ideology, late-term abortion to the point of infanticide, open borders, crackdowns on religious freedom, a desire to substantially scale back not only the second amendment but also the first amendment – the list goes on and on. Republicans are working to prevent things from moving so far to the left.

But I guess in Rozell’s contorted world of modern-day academia, lurching to the far left means that anyone who doesn’t lurch along with you – and instead holds steady – is “moving” far to the right.

As far as the vast number of suburban voters abandoning the Republicans and embracing the Democrats, one can only conclude that large numbers of Americans are moving to the far left. Alarming implications indeed.

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