News Flash: NBC News Report That’s Critical of Obama Administration

I don’t turn on the tube much, including the news, but whenever I do, when they talk about politics it’s usually slanted left.

But this morning was an exception. I think it’s the first time I remember seeing NBC’s Lisa Meyers report a story that’s critical of a Democrat, in this case the Obama administration. (I’m sure she has reported other stories critical of Democrats while I wasn’t watching, but I doubt it’s just coincidence that whenever I do tune in, that’s usually not the case. I bet if you ran the numbers, there would be far more negatives for righties than for lefties.)

The story in question was Solyandra – the solar energy company that’s going bankrupt and that’s under investigation for wrongdoing, after receiving money (or loan guarantees) from President Obama’s spendulous package. Meyers pointed out that the Obama administration rushed through the aid to the company without adequately vetting it, even against the advice of some advisors. It appears it was done for political reasons, Meyers reported.

Good going NBC and Lisa Meyers – it shows that you can be balanced at least some of the time!

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