No Surprise that “Blue” States Unhappier

U.S. states with the highest levels of happiness tend to be “red” states while the least happy tend to be “blue” states, based on a recent survey.

That’s because people who lean right tend to be happier than those who lean left. The latter tend to be upset and stressed out about various nonexistent problems, such as “evil” corporations, most of which are actually good – without them there would be few or no products available necessary for human consumption, resulting in most of us either living in poverty or dead from starvation. Or they’re stressed out about perceived racism or sexism that doesn’t actually exist. There’s also the powerful emotion of envy, which is much more prevalent among lefties than righties.

Yep, places like New York and California are rife with members of the Angry Left, which is why those states rank dead last in the happiness survey.

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