Hitchens Converts

The world just lost one of the greatest and most eloquent warriors in the fight against the existential threat of radical Islam. Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011. See him at his finest two posts below.

When a soldier charging toward the enemy with the American flag falls on the field of battle, another is to immediately pick it up and keep running with it. But no one soldier is going to be able to fill Hitchens’ boots. He was a good as they come. Probably irreplaceable. All of the rest of us are just going to have to try that much harder. And who knows – maybe sometime, somewhere out of the dust and smoke, someone worthy of filling his boots will indeed emerge.

As for the other war Hitchens waged throughout his life – i.e. against religion and belief in God and the afterlife – now he knows that he was mistaken in that regard. Days before Hitchens’ death, Mark Judge asked in The Daily Caller, “Is Christopher Hitchens About to Convert?

No word on whether he converted while still living in this dimension. But one thing is certain: he’s no doubt a believer now. He doesn’t no longer exist. He most certainly still exists, in a different dimension.

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