Obamacare is Creating a Part-Time America

Busy Waitress


We’re living through a period of profound change in America, for the worse. Today it hit home for this observer, while talking to a woman who is a waitress at Bob Evans restaurant.

She said that a few months ago, most of the full-time employees at her restaurant, and presumably at all Bob Evans restaurants, were converted to part-time employees, able to work only a maximum of 29 hours a week. That’s in order to avoid the $2,000 per-employee Obamacare fine if one’s hours go above that.

Imagine that – the massive shift of millions of Americans from full time to part time (Bob Evans is just one of thousands of businesses doing the same), caused by a specific government policy. One reads in history books and elsewhere about stark government policies having profound immediate effects on society, usually involving heavy-handed socialist states. But to witness similar upheavals going on in modern-day United States of America! Folks, it’s not your mom-and-dad’s America anymore.

Through this heavy-handed government policy, millions of people are getting pushed into poverty (as the U.S. government defines poverty) by being downgraded from full-time to part-time employees. And they don’t even necessarily get 29 hours. The waitress said the employees are routinely scheduled for just 26 hours a week, in case occasionally they have to work a few extra hours during busy times.

The waitress said she was fortunate in that her income is her household’s secondary source of income. But not so for some of her coworkers. Their income is their primary income. So having gone from 40 to 29 hours of work per week, their income declined substantially.

With lower incomes, they now may be eligible for welfare benefits such as food stamps. Multiply that millions of times over, as so many businesses throughout America convert their workers to part-timers. That’s probably one of the big factors driving the large increase in participation in food stamps and other welfare programs.

So Obamacare is dramatically expanding the welfare state in more ways than one.

In addition to expanding the ranks of those who are classified as poor and thus eligible for welfare benefits, middle-class Americans who never previously received government handouts in their lives will now receive the Obamacare subsidy, once they sign up for the program.

That’s certainly a coup for Democrats. They may be fretting now over the disruptions caused by Obamacare, but in the the long run a lot more middle-class Americans will be dependent on government handouts, and be more likely to vote for Democrats in order to maintain those handouts.

Of course, while it’s a coup for Dems, the country as whole suffers. Prompting more and more people to live off the work and toil of other people is a sure way secure a future of national economic mediocrity – and boost the ranks of the impoverished.


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