Predictions: Did It Happen?

Center for American Regress* president John Podesta’s remarks on Saturday, January 16, as reported in The Daily Caller: “He said that the flood of national Democratic resources into the state to run television ads and organize get out the vote efforts, would likely combine with President Obama’s visit to the state Sunday afternoon to give Coakley the edge. ‘It’s highly likely the president’s visit will push her over the finish line,’ Podesta said.”
Prediction Occur? Negative.

So much for the art of trying to predict an election. I don’t tread on that territory. Kind of like trying to predict which way a stock is going to go. Often a losing game.

*Note: The actual name of Mr. Podesta’s organization contains the word “Progress”, but I replaced it with “Regress” because it is a more accurate reflection of what the policy prescriptions of Podesta’s organization would accomplish.

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