Richest country in the world. And broke.

Van Jones, the 9-11 conspiracy theorist, one-time (possibly even present-time?) Marxist, and former Obama administration official said “We are not broke. We’re the richest country in the history of the world.”

He doesn’t understand the paradox of how you can be a rich country and broke at the same time.

Money isn’t available to pay for government services like road and bridge repair, national parks, law enforcement, environmental protection, and NASA. It’s a state level phenomenon, too. The richest state in the union (in terms of GDP), California, can’t even fund its state parks, forcing it to shut them down.

Normally it would be easy for a rich country like ours to fund such things. But we can’t, because all the tax money is committed to redistribution. Instead of spending the tax revenue on traditional government services, we’re transferring it from some people to other people, mainly through entitlement programs. Two-thirds of federal tax revenue is spent on redistribution. Lots of traditional government services already have been crowded out.

That’s what happens when you let the purpose of government change from being a provider of services to being a huge conduit for income redistribution.






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