Rightie Incivility Alert

You’d expect to come across uncivil and immature language among certain segments of the population, especially uncouth and uneducated people. But in an alarming sign of the coarsening of American society, such language has appeared in an article in a popular online media outlet. It’s by one John Nolte, writing at Breitbart.com. He ruined what at first seemed like a decent read – on the media’s unloading on Clint Eastwood’s great speech at the RNC. Near the end the writer includes this piece of verbal trash: “Go to h— you Obama-shilling crybabies.”

I couldn’t believe such low-class nastiness appeared in an article like that. What kind of editor at Breitbart.com would leave something like that in? Is there no decency in writing and editing anymore? To top it off, The Drudge Report linked to it, supercharging the article’s readership. What happened to the standards of The Drudge Report?

Mr. Nolte should apologize for writing it, Breitbart.com should apologize for publishing the article without editing that part out, and The Drudge Report should apologize for linking to it.

* * *

Of course, this sort of thing is standard practice for some lefties. For example, Bill Maher just called Clint Eastwood an a**hole only because he disagrees with his politics.

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