Stray Dog Strut

It seems like an innocent enough article in today’s WSJ:  there’s an excess of Chihuahuas in the Los Angeles area so they’re air-lifting them to the East Coast and elsewhere for people who want a dog.

But there’s an alarming story here below the surface. A characteristic of many less-developed countries is that there are a lot of ownerless dogs running around in the cities. I noticed that while living in Mexico City way back when. I was curious as to why there were so many dogs, many of whom looked sickly, and who didn’t seem to have owners. The reason, to my understanding, is because people can’t afford to spay or neuter dogs, so millions of them are abandoned. And there isn’t government money to keep them in shelters.

Well now that’s happening here in the United States. “Southern California shelter officials attribute a soaring Chihuahua population to non-neutered and non-spayed dogs in low-income communities. More Chihuahuas and other pets have landed in shelters as foreclosures ballooned. Meanwhile, budget cuts have made it tougher to staff shelters.” The article continues, “Many shelter dogs come from communities where people don’t have the money to neuter or spay pets, according to Alana Yañez, who runs the Humane Society of the United States’ Pets for Life program in Los Angeles.”

A large abandoned dog population is a characteristic of third world countries. Now, pockets of America are taking on that characteristic. Not an encouraging sign.

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