Elizabeth Warren and the Crisis in Government Services

Lefties are going ga-ga (the uppercase of whom, by the way, is also a leftie) over a quote by one Elizabeth Warren who’s running for Senate in Mass., in which she says something along the lines that job creators should pay more taxes because of the of the government services provided to them like roads, police, education, etc.

The irony is that we’re getting less of those essential government services because of people like Elizabeth Warren!

She and her brethren on the left are fueling the biggest crisis in government: the the crowding out of things like law enforcement, fire protection, transportation infrastructure, education, etc. by wealth redistribution. For the lowdown, click here.

Another irony: her comments apply to anarchists (those who don’t want any government services). And where can you find marauding bands of people who call themselves anarchists? Try any typical anti-globalization, anti-capitalism, or other leftie rally.