So Much for “Minnesota Nice”

Speaking of the Angry Left (see below), several of their own are firmly ensconced in the U.S. Senate. Socialist Bernie Sanders is the most prominent angry leftie that comes to mind, but he’s now getting a run for his money in the form of Al Franken. He’s the one who previously made a name for himself by hurling insults at people, like “fat”, “idiot”, and the eminently redundant (or double negative) “lying liar”, as well as writing obscene literature in magazines like Playboy.

Minnesota’s former Senator Paul Wellstone had a knack for being coarse and abrasive, but the new senator from that state makes Wellstone look like a paragon of civility. Click here to read about some of his greatest hits – after only a few months in the Senate.

Worried about the coarsening of American society creeping into our revered institutions? Talk to the people of Minnesota about that – or the half of them who voted for angryman (not funnyman) Al.

(Update – two months later.) Ya know I’ve been meaning to change that last sentence. I have to admit that when it comes right down to it, people mainly vote based on a candidate’s policy positions rather than his or her comportment. I mean, if you abhor a certain political agenda, and if the only candidate opposing that agenda happens to engage in buffoonery a little too much, then I’ll admit that you’re going to place more importance on the agenda than on the buffoonery. So I’ll grant that the half of the people of Minnesota who voted for Al Franken aren’t necessarily at fault for promoting the coarsening of American society. After all, if they abhor free markets, small government, a strong defense, etc., then I guess they had no choice than to vote for ole’ Al.

No Surprise that “Blue” States Unhappier

U.S. states with the highest levels of happiness tend to be “red” states while the least happy tend to be “blue” states, based on a recent survey.

That’s because people who lean right tend to be happier than those who lean left. The latter tend to be upset and stressed out about various nonexistent problems, such as “evil” corporations, most of which are actually good – without them there would be few or no products available necessary for human consumption, resulting in most of us either living in poverty or dead from starvation. Or they’re stressed out about perceived racism or sexism that doesn’t actually exist. There’s also the powerful emotion of envy, which is much more prevalent among lefties than righties.

Yep, places like New York and California are rife with members of the Angry Left, which is why those states rank dead last in the happiness survey.