Pretty Much Just Angry White Folks at Leftie Protests, Too

I’m not a comic book reader but the latest news is that a recent Captain America comic book removed “tea bag” in reference to a tea party protest depicted in the comic. But it left in “angry white folks” to describe the protesters.

While it’s true that tea party protests are probably disproportionately made up of white folks, that’s also true of leftie protests. During the Bush years if you went to an Iraq war-related protest or an anti-globalization protest, you were met with a sea of angry white folks as well. Very few blacks, Hispanics or Asian-Americans.

Whaddaya bet that the Captain America comic book never wrote about angry white folks in relation to a leftie protest?

I’ll wager $100. Now.

Meantime, regarding “tea bag” I still don’t know what exactly that means and don’t want to find out. I guess that’s something that pretty much mainly lefties know the meaning of, given that they use the term so much (even National Public Radio does!) and that they’re the main drivers of the sexualization of American culture.