Abortion in America Leads to Gender Imbalance in Asia

Interesting book review in the WSJ about the surplus of men in developing countries caused by selective abortion against females.

There’s one thing I would add to that. Abortion in the U.S. and Europe exacerbates the dearth of females in Asia.

There’s an absence of adoptable babies in the U.S. and Europe because they’ve all been aborted. So people resort to adopting them from Asia, especially China and Vietnam. The only available babies are girls, because boys are so desired in Asia.

Not only does abortion here lead to kidnappings and a black market of babies in Asia, as detailed in an earlier post, but it results in fewer females in Asia due to adoptions. See the book review on the  consequences of there being too few girls in society.

Therefore, abortion in Asia directly leads to Asia’s gender imbalance. Abortion in America indirectly leads to Asia’s gender imbalance.

Blaming Capitalism for Every Wrong That Happens in Society

Tragic, tragic state of affairs lately in China, with the rash of maniacs killing or maiming small schoolchildren.

Meantime, the Associated Press writers always love to blame “huge social inequalities” on this, a reference to China’s transition from communism to capitalism, in which most people have broken out of poverty and some people are getting rich. But no further explanation is ever given. How are huge social inequalities supposed to lead to mass murder of children? Do the AP writers mean to say that the murderers are envious of people who are richer than them, and therefore kill kids (many of whom could well be poorer than the murderer)? That’s absurd.

So a lot of clarification is in order on the part of AP. Either that, or drop the class-warfare, anti-capitalism rhetoric that AP reporters are so keen to foist on us.

Roe vs. Wade’s China Problem

Yet another ill effect of Roe vs. Wade and the abortion industrial complex: kidnapping babies in China.

The thousands of dollars that Americans pay to adopt children from that country have transformed “once-unwanted Chinese girls into valuable commodities worth stealing.”

Americans go abroad to adopt babies because there are so few of them available here in the United States; most unwanted babies are aborted.

Who’d ever have thought that one result of legalized abortion would be child kidnapping rings on the other side of the world?