Demagogue Alert

Yet another one where the writer impugns the character of those with whom he disagrees, calling them “stoney hearted” and having “open contempt” for “compassion or tolerance or fundamental fairness”.

My comment to the article, by a Mr. Neal Gabler, follows:

It’s a total myth that conservatives want to end or change programs that would harm the downtrodden. Time and again it’s been demonstrated that liberal programs hurt the poor, from the public housing fiascos, to welfare dependency that even Daniel Patrick Moynahan and Bill Clinton recognized were exacerbating poverty, to the Democrat-controlled inner cities, to Social Security and Medicare, where payroll taxes on the working poor are literally transferred to middle class and rich retirees.

Two-thirds of federal tax money is redistributed, and most of that money is redistributed to the middle class, upper middle class, and rich. Something is tragically wrong with the system today, and it’s surprising that liberals don’t recognize it and work to reform it.

Many people have a welfare horror story – where they see welfare money going to people who don’t need it, whether it be SSI, SSDI, unemployment compensation, or Section 8 housing. Regarding the latter, a real tragedy is where immigrant retirees are living with their upper-middle-class children, and find that they’re eligible for Section 8 housing and other welfare programs. They crowd the Section 8 housing waiting lists, the lists close to new applicants, and the ones left out in the cold are the real poor, who often have to live on the streets. It’s one of the many examples of the tragedy of American liberalism.