Global Cooling Caused by Global Warming?

You know it had to be coming. Blame cold weather on – what else? – global warming.

That’s what they did in an article on Peru’s mountain people, who reportedly are fighting for survival amid a bitterly cold winter. The reporter cites rapidly melting glaciers, which “may” be the reason for the cold.

A surprising statement like that deserves a lot of back-up. But none was given. That should make any reader skeptical of such a claim, especially given that it was coming from the left-wing, global-warming-agenda-driven Guardian newspaper.

At the time of this writing, there are record low temperatures throughout the Northern Hemisphere. It even hit 32 degrees in Miami.

Another ice age coming on? Whatever is causing these low temps doesn’t have anything to do with the alleged ultimate cause of ice ages: variations in the tilt of the earth’s axis. While the tilt is decreasing, causing the Northern Hemisphere to be a bit farther from the sun during summer (it’s said that ice ages happen when snow fails to melt during summer), that decrease is happening too gradually for any one person to notice changes that result from it during his or her lifetime. The tilt variations happen in 40,000 year cycles.

To see a great video animation describing this tilt and other fascinating characteristics of the earth’s position vis-a-vis the sun, click here.

The producer of that video, the Cassiopia Project, also has an interesting video on global warming. They say variations in the amount of radiation coming from the sun have been the main cause of the colder temps over the past decade.

They also attempt to demonstrate that global warming isn’t caused by humans.

Based on their dozens of other videos, they seem to know a heck of a lot about science, so you certainly can’t dismiss their claims.

That’s the thing about global warming. We laymen only can rely on what the scientists tell us, because without a science background, never in a million years would any of us know what’s causing global warming, or whether it’s happening at all. It’s amusing to see folks like Al Gore project themselves as some sort of authority on global warming. As a layman, he’s no more qualified to pontificate on global warming than any other of us laymen. Even the scientists have profound disagreements on the causes. If you research the subject a little, you see why: there are so many factors, so many variables that determine the climate, many of which are unknown or unmeasurable, that even modern science can’t get a handle on it. Chaos theory galore.

So you just have to look at all the evidence and do your best to come up with your own judgment. And lately, in the wake of Climategate and the freezing cold temps, it seems the global warming “skeptics” are getting the upper hand.