Not Letting a Good Crisis Go to Waste

As was eminently predictable, arch-reactionary/socialist Hugo Chavez is having trouble keeping his country’s lights on. Venezuela is starved for electrical power. That always happens when industries get nationalized and bureaucrats start to run things. With cush jobs and little fear of layoffs, there’s little consequence of sluffing off on the job. The private-industry people who really knew how to run things are long gone. There’s little or no new investment in the industry because the government wants to spend its money elsewhere. And there’s certainly no private investor willing to see his or her money go down a rat hole.

But Hugo (that’s Ooo-go – the H is silent in Spanish) has put an interesting twist on the whole thing. Faced with power rationing, he’s directing that rationing to his political opponents, i.e. market-economy-driven sectors like shopping malls, while reserving plenty of it for his allies.

You’ve got to hand it to ole’ Hugo for creativity – knowing how to turn a bad situation into his advantage.

Global Warming Alarmists’ True Motive?

The most outrageous story of the week: the cheers, applause, and ovations that Hugo Chavez received at the Copenhagen climate change conference, during his capitalism-bashing speech. On the surface it shows that global warming alarmists are ultimately motivated by a desire to overthrow or impede capitalism. In my mind it’s a huge blow to the global warming movement; is it possible that the movement is nothing more than a disguised attempt to squelch capitalism?

I say “on the surface,” because before reaching such a conclusion I’d have to find out the composition of the audience, and whether the cheers and applause came from all of the audience or just a vocal minority. If it was a general audience composed of the participating countries’ main delegates, and if most of them applauded, then we have reason to worry.

If on the other hand the audience was mainly composed of a minority of delegates from countries in Africa and other third world locales where radical leftism is par for the course, then there’s less reason to worry.

Unfortunately, the news report gave no indication of the composition of the audience. If you have any information on that, please contact me.