Near-Obscene on National TV

In another “what’s-this-society-coming-to?” moments, yesterday the annual Thanksgiving Day parade in Philadelphia, broadcast nationally on ABC, featured a singer named Jason Derulo. As is common for some singers of that genre, during his performance his hand would drift uncomfortably close to his crotch area – sometimes parked right over it. During such instances the cameramen would cut to another angle, presumably in order to try to spare the audience the agony (especially when there are kids watching), but often it was too late.

It’s baffling as to why the parade organizers would allow such a performer to participate in the family-oriented event; surely someone in charge must have known he would carry out such obscenities? If so, then they probably didn’t give a hoot, being so accustomed to and accepting of the coarsening of American society.

They should have not even entertained the idea of inviting Mr. Derulo to perform. Or barring that, prior to the parade they should have thoroughly coached the young performer to keep his hand well away from his crotch.

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