Does a Spouse’s Laundry Lead to Divorce? Only if You’re Quite Immature.

Bizzare piece today on Psychiatrist Keith Ablow claims that marriage is a dying institution. But he’s way off base on lots of things. For starters he has a distorted view of marriage because he bases many of his claims on feedback from psych patients. But most happily married people don’t need to see a psychiatrist. Also, he points to things about marriage (such as being intimately familiar with the mundane aspects of the spouse’s life, like seeing his or her laundry all the time) that he thinks lead to divorce, but those things have been equally true for hundreds or thousand of years when the divorce rate was much lower or nonexistent. Further, he bizarrely writes that the harsh consequences of divorce such as lawyering up prompts people to divorce, and that if married couple could separate easily and amicably, there would be less divorce. Huh? You got it backwards, bub.