Tribute to Claude-Michel Schönberg

Yes, even though their leadership and the content of many of their shows are politically biased, PBS does carry many good programs. PBS Kids, nature shows, and fundraising specials like the 25th Anniversary production of Les Miserables, and Celtic Thunder, are among them. So even though one already helps fund PBS through one’s tax money, one nevertheless feels compelled to respond positively when they’re soliciting for donations.

Two comments about Les Miz, one negative and one positive.

The 25th Anniversary Special of Les Miz was great, except for the questionable attire of the full choir in the back. Les Miz t-shirts? Give me a break. Talk about a spoiler. It was painful to watch when they’d cut to shots of the choir. Hey, why not Les Miz bathing suits? They definitely should have been dressed in more formal attire.

The other comment is to marvel at the super-human talents of Claude-Michel Schönberg. He wrote the music to all of the songs. Usually out of, say, 10 songs in a given album or production, maybe just one or two of them are good. It amazes me that Schönberg could write one amazing song after another.

Lyrics are great too. And the singing. And the story. But writing the music required the most talent by far.

You know how they say that if an inventor, like Thomas Edison or Alexander Graham Bell, wouldn’t have been around to invent what they did, then someone else would have?

The same can’t be said of Claude-Michel Schönberg. If he hadn’t have been around to write the music of Les Miserables, then that production never would have existed. And the world would have been worse off.