The Ultimate Machiavellians

Now it’s revealed that people who we thought have been in a permanently unconscious state actually have been conscious the whole time. Such was the case of Rom Houben of Belgium, who couldn’t move or talk ever since a 1983 car accident. Twenty-three years later neurologist Steven Laureys determined that Houben is perfectly conscious after all. He now can communicate with a special computer.

Cases like his may be widespread. And it begs the question: Was Terry Schiavo conscious the whole time? We’ll never know now, since they already pulled the plug on her.

If it was determined that she was indeed conscious, would that have mattered to those, mostly on the left, who so forcefully advocated her death? They’re a pretty Machiavellian bunch; always willing to sacrifice a life, whether it be Terry Schiavo or unborn babies, if it’s for the greater good of society – or at least if it’s for the greater convenience of folks like Michael Schiavo, or of mothers of aborted babies.