Passing Up a Juicy Story

Interesting story about journalistic malpractice in today’s Daily Caller. Mark Judge recounts how The Washington Post wrote a story about sexual abuse by a Catholic priest at Georgetown Preparatory School, yet left out of the article the fact that a convicted child pornographer and leftist talk radio host, Bernie Ward, also once taught at Georgetown Prep.

After Judge informed the reporter, Michelle Boorstein, of that fact, Boorstein called back Judge to say that the school told her “Bernie Ward never taught there. So that won’t be part of the story.” As someone who had Ward for a teacher at Georgetown Prep, Judge was flabbergasted.

Yes, deliberately leaving out essential elements of a supposedly objective news story is journalistic malpractice, pure and simple.

Heck, if Boorstein would have dug a little deeper and fact checked what Judge told her, she would have had an intriguing little story on her hands. It could have gone something like this: News flash! Georgetown Prep denies it ever employed a child pornographer, when the facts are plain that he did indeed work there. What gives?

But a story like that would have been embarrassing to the left. That must be why they never pursued it.