Protesting Terrorism With Terrorism

I remember as a kid hearing about the Christian militiamen in Lebanon committing a massacre, and puzzling over their description as “Christian”. If you massacre people, you’re not a Christian, I thought. You’re far from being a Christian.

The same is true of the Norwegian terrorist who massacred some 75 people in Norway yesterday. He’s described as a fundamentalist Christian. But if you kill people like that, you’re definitely not a Christian.

The madman definitely is mad. Apparently he was angry about Muslim immigration into Norway. Most folks who are opposed to mass Muslim immigration into Western societies are concerned about the potential disruptive effects thereof, such as terrorist attacks. So this Norwegian madman commits a large-scale and unprecedented terrorist attack in his country, supposedly in protest of the disruptive effects that mass Muslim immigration would bring.

In protest of Norwegian girls being raped by immigrants, he slaughters Norwegian girls by the dozens.

Mad indeed.