Norman Ornstein: Dems Willing to Cut Entitlements. Huh?

Folks born in my home town of Grand Rapids, Minnesota (not Michigan) can say the darndest things sometimes.

Norman Ornstein, of the American Enterprise Institute, writes (together with Thomas Mann) in the Washington Post that the Democrats “are centrist protectors of the government, reluctantly willing to revamp programs and trim retirement and health benefits to maintain its central commitments in the face of fiscal pressures.”

Democrats willing to trim retirement and health benefits? Huh? Where? When?

Is he sure he and his co-writer didn’t accidentally drop in the word “Democrats” whereas they meant to write “Republicans”? Because that statement characterizes Repubs much more than Dems. Gotta be a typo. Where are the Washington Post’s proofreaders when you need them?

Last I checked, the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to maintain and increase government-provided retirement and health benefits, even in the face of national bankruptcy. In fact, just two years ago they pushed through the most massive increase in government-provided health benefits in U.S. history (Obamacare)!

Maybe, just maybe, Dems would consider slightly slowing the rate of entitlement growth (which is not “trimming” or cutting) only in exchange for a massive tax increase. Supposedly Obama put together a budget plan containing some of that. But his fellow Democrats rejected it outright. Which just goes to show that while perhaps an individual Democrat or two would consider trimming entitlements – especially in exchange for a tax increase – it’s practically a non-starter for Democrats as a whole.

Those who implement new multi-trillion-dollar government redistribution programs even though we’re already many trillions of dollars in debt are protectors of redistributionist government all right. But they’re not “centrist.” They’re downright leftist. And massively fiscally irresponsible.