Taking From the Poor to Give to the Rich

Wouldn’t you consider it unjust if poor and middle class people had to pay for things that rich people consume?

That’s the kind of unjust world we’re moving toward, if Obamacare passes.

Under Obamacare no only will poor people get “free” healthcare as they do now with Medicaid, but rich and middle class people will start to get “free” healthcare as well – “free” meaning it’s paid for by someone other than the end-user.

Funding for Obamacare in large part will come from a new payroll tax. Such taxes aren’t “progressive” where the more you make, the higher percentage you pay. They’re levied on every worker. Under the House bill it will be up to up to 8 percent of salary (depending on how large an employer’s payroll is) and a flat $750 under the Senate version.

So if you’re low-salaried and healthy enough to not consume too much healthcare, you’re paying the bills of rich people who do consume a lot of healthcare. It’s a money transfer from the poor to the rich, literally.

Of course, thanks to ole’ Lyndon Johnson that already happens under Medicare, for rich people over 65. But if Barack Obama gets his way it would happen to a far greater extent – for rich people under 65.

How’s that for unjust?