Another One Becomes Part of the Solution

Things can get so bad as a result of the liberal/left agenda that sometimes even liberals/leftists recognize the folly of their ways.

That’s what happened to Gina Raimondo, the Rhode Island state treasurer who was mortified to see the union-driven state pension system turn into a black hole, sucking in money and resources at the expense of everyday public services. The leftist-dominated state has resulted in there being more public pensioners than workers paying into that system.

Ms. Raimondo read “an article in the paper about libraries closing and public bus service being cut nights, weekends and holidays, and I just thought it doesn’t have to be this way.”

Of course for most liberals, the solution would be simple: raise taxes. But the now-bankrupt town of Central Falls provides a good example of what happens when you do that. When it raised property taxes to finance worker pensions, “many residents fled, sending the city into a tailspin.”

So Raimondo helped push through pension reforms in order to help stem the state’s deteriorating situation.

Hey all you Wisconsinites who want to throw out Governor Walker: can’t you see that Walker has been doing almost exactly what Raimondo has been doing? He’s trying to prevent your state pension system from turning into a black hole that gobbles up everything in sight like libraries and roads and schools and parks. Quit being part of the problem and be part of the solution for a change.

Of course the only difference is the label – Raimondo calls herself a Democrat while Walker calls himself a Republican. Walker is having a tougher go of it because the term Republican has been so demagogued by the left, even though he, like Raimondo, is only trying to save the state from the ravages of union-created black holes.