It’s Harder to Kill When You Can See Your Victim

It’s a lot easier to kill people from a bomber aircraft 30,000 feet up, where you can’t see the victims, than it is for a soldier on the ground to kill someone at point-blank range. In the former situation, the victim isn’t humanized. In the latter, he or she is.

In the same way, it’s a lot easier to kill a baby when it’s inside the womb, where you can’t see it, than it is to kill a baby outside of the womb, where you can see it.

That’s the nature of abortion. You can’t see the victim, so he or she isn’t humanized in the minds of the those desirous of the killing. So abortion has been legalized and condoned by the state.

Whether it’s the the victim of a bomb dropped from 30,000 feet or the victim of a bullet shot from 30 feet, both victims are as human as human can be.

The same is true with babies within the womb and babies outside of the womb. Both are 100 percent human.

A Virginia senate bill seeks to humanize unborn babies in the eyes of their mothers by requiring women seeking abortions to get an ultrasound, and give them a chance to view the image while the baby is still alive. An Illinois bill seeks to do the same thing.

It is an attempt to make the mother less like a bomber pilot, who can’t see the victim, and more like a soldier on the ground, who can.

It just might make some of those mothers a little more hesitant to pull the trigger.