Monica Lewinsky: Both Victim and Transgressor

Looks like Monica Lewinsky is having a tough go of it these days; lonely, struggling with business, and afraid of going out for fear of insensitive comments from strangers.

She’s a victim of technology – mass communications that propelled her to instant fame. The type of thing she’s going through today never would have happened a hundred years ago when there was no TV or Internet. Few among the masses would have recognized her.

She’s also a victim of the philanderer Bill Clinton. Philandering is bad enough as it is, but doing it when you’re the president of the United States is a lot worse because of: the immense national security risks your exposing the country to (blackmail, etc.); the harm you’re doing to your country by derailing your presidential agenda (it is rumored that Clinton was considering taking up Social Security reform but put the kibosh on it due to the scandal); the terrible example you’re setting for your country’s citizens and especially its youth; and in Lewinsky’s case, the risk that you could permanently upend a young and naive girl’s life, which of course is what happened.

She’s a victim of the lax sexual mores of society today (and in the nineties). The people in our oversexualized media and culture who have no problem with casual sex and adultery foisted their values, or lack thereof, on the childhoods and adolescences of Lewinsky and countless millions of others. That rubbed off on Lewinsky, who had no problem with sex in the White House (a place that should be treated with the utmost reverence and respect), who had no problem with sex with a married man, and evidently gave no thought to hurting the wife and daughter of that man.

In addition to being a victim, Lewinsky was a transgressor. Even with the myriad influences mentioned above, when you get right down to it, she only has herself to blame. She’s got free will, and she could have chosen to not to even think about the possibility of having an affair with Clinton. Yet she did the opposite. In fact it was she who reportedly initiated the whole thing, decadently flashing her thong underwear to Clinton. Of course ol’ Bill jumped at the opportunity.

Millions of young people are resolute enough to delay gratification and steer well clear of casual sex, even while being bombarded by sexual influences in popular culture. But Lewinsky wasn’t among them. On the contrary, while interning at the White House, she helped perpetuate those influences.

Maybe she should take up a new calling in life – like teaching young people about the dangers of casual sex.