Gommygoomy Says it All

Today there’s a mea culpa column in the New York Post written by someone who, based on his article, seems fairly right-of-center, yet who voted for Obama and regrets it. I was fixin’ to write a comment to the article by Michael Goodwin, pointing out how in the heck could he ever have voted for Obama given that the latter’s leftist record was so plain to see, as I did vis-a-vis Clive Crook in this video.

But then I read one of the comments under the article, and knew right then that anything I write could never, ever even come close to topping what this guy had to say. Remember that ad where the guy takes one look at his cell phone bill and is blown out of his chair? Well in my imagination, that’s what happened to Michael Goodwin when he read that comment.

It was written by “gommygoomy” dated 12/20/2009, 9:04 am. Here are the relevant points:

See? … This is what happens when you IGNORE what you know to be true. Barak Obama was NOT a secret. He had a VOTING RECORD. He had a RESUME’. He had a HISTORY. “Men shall know you, by the company you keep.” Jeremiah Wright, for TWENTY YEARS! William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. John Marshel Davis. Louis Farakhan. Khaleed Rashidi. The Black Panthers. He ADMITTED who he was in his BOOKS. His life, running the streets of Chicago. TRAINING ACORN in the ways of SAUL ALINSKY. The most LIBERAL VOTING RECORD in the Senate. And now you’re SHOCKED, that there’s gambling taking place at the Casino.
What did you think was gonna happen.. . . Ever wonder how ROME fell? You’re looking at it. Obama is CALIGULA. He’s NERO. And he’s LENIN. And YOU put him there. IDIOT.

(Disclaimer: In the comment, Obama is equated with Lenin. For the record I disagree with that equation. Actually, gommygoomy likely was exaggerating. Nevertheless, to guard against the eventuality of someone evoking Alinsky’s Rule #12 on me, I am obliged to include this disclaimer. As far as equating Obama with Nero and Caligula, I have no opinion because my Roman history is quite rusty. Also, I don’t endorse name-calling, as in “IDIOT”.)