The Norwegian Terrorist Attack Could Have Been Prevented

The Norwegian killer’s “manifesto” and the video that accompanied it discusses making bombs, aquiring guns, and other obvious indicators that he was preparing to kill. Apparently he sent the manifesto and video to thousands of Facebook friends prior to the attack; the video reportedly six hours prior to the attack. (I’m not sure how long prior to the attack the manifesto was released.)

The minute they saw the references to killing, someone should have alerted police, who in turn should have immediately tried to locate and detain the terrorist. I supposed everyone had the mentality that something like that would never happen in Norway, but now we know differently. If readers and law enforcement really had been on top of things, the killings could have been thwarted.

So if you, reader, ever come across writings or ramblings of people desirous of killing, report them to the police, or in the case of potential terrorism, to the FBI.

Meantime, the terrorist really did a lot of damage to his cause. It was the single biggest blow he could have dealt to the push for reducing the flow of immigration into Europe. The people in charge no doubt will especially want to show how compassionate they are to accepting into their countries the world’s downtrodden. Now, expect Europe to get even more Muslim than it would have had the madman never carried out his unspeakable deed.

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