Wall Street Journal Gives Socialized Medicine a Platform

Most on the left, of course, were never really satisfied with Obamacare. It’s obvious they always wanted full socialized medicine, with health insurance companies completely out of the picture. But they had to settle with Obamacare, with its mix of socialized medicine and insurance companies.

It was predictable that when the inherent flaws of Obamacare become manifest, there will be a clamor on the left to toss it out in favor of full socialized medicine, as well as on the right to replace it with a market-based system. The question is, which side will squeal the loudest and win out?

We’re in the beginning of that showdown. The right has been arguing for its repeal all along, but lately those voices have been getting softer, with proposals to change Obamacare rather than repeal it. The left, meanwhile, is showing signs of launching their campaign to go full socialized or “single payer” as the euphemism goes, as evidenced by this recent op-ed by Burke Beu: This Democrat Is Giving Up on ObamaCare. Of course, that Democrat isn’t giving up on it in favor of a market-based system, but a full socialized one.

The eyebrow-raising thing is the outfit that gave the above-mentioned article a platform. The Huffington Post? No. The Nation? No. Daily Kos? No.

It was the Wall Street Journal editorial page, that bastion of free-market solutions, at least usually.

Brilliant work, Wall Street Journal. You’re playing right into the game plan that the left had from the beginning: come up with the health care contraption that’s now in place, and when it inevitably fails, use that as a rallying cry to push through full socialized medicine (which would fail even more miserably).

Who would have guessed that the WSJ editorial page would offer prime real estate toward this objective?

It’s of course good to present contrary opinions in the opinion pages. But what they should do now is pen an editorial pooh-poohing Mr. Beu’s ideas, in anticipation that a lot more articles like his likely will be appearing in left-leaning publications as well.

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