Worst-Timed Articles of the Year?

Here are two candidates for the worst-timed articles of the year:

Supremacist Terror Rising, Islamic Extremism on the Decline
– Huffington Post, April 9, 2013, by SpearIt, assistant professor at St. Louis University School of Law

It ran just six days before the April 15 Boston Marathon terrorist attacks, carried out by two Islamic Extremists. Not only does the article downplay the threat by Islamic extremism, but it based its white supremacist thesis on a Texas murder case in which supremacist allegations were pure speculation. Sure enough, the culprits were a former justice of the peace and his wife, who held a grudge against the victim.

Another candidate is:

New Study Shows 3 Year Decline In Muslim-American Terrorist Attacks

– Carbonated.tv, March 8, 2013, by Owen

May have to revisit that one as well.

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