New Sheriff’s Brother Caught Stealing Campaign Signs

wolfethiefDon’t like the Constitutional right of freedom of speech? We’ll you’re out of luck if you live in the United States. But there still are a few things you can do to help deny freedom of speech to your political opponents: steal their campaign signs.

Carrying out such acts denotes questionable moral character. When it happens one assumes the culprits are teenagers who don’t know any better. But recently a middle-aged man named Erik Kleiner got busted for doing so. Get this: he’s the brother of the candidate running for office. Get this as well: that candidate was running for, of all things, sheriff.

Her name is Stacy Kincaid, who just ran for sheriff of Fairfax County, Virginia. Her brother’s actions paid off. She won!

Yes, I know – we’re not responsible for the actions of our siblings. And she sure as heck had better not have known about his antics prior to his arrest. Had she known about them and not turned him in would be grounds for stepping down.

But stealing campaign signs was only part of it. Her opponent, Bryan Wolfe, lamented that in addition to campaign sign thefts, his car and home property were vandalized, undoubtedly by Kincaid’s supporters.

That’s a very disturbing development – it’s more typical of how political campaigns are run in third world countries, rather than modern-day America let alone one of the most affluent counties in the country. “This stuff happens in the Wild West or the South, I kinda thought it wouldn’t happen in this race,” said Wolfe.

Meantime, if Mr. Kleiner wanted his sister to win in order to more effectively combat crime in Northern Virginia, he certainly did not set a good example for those toying with the idea of thievery.

Poetic Justice Has Been Served

You know what’s galling? That every cliffhanger race for Congress – or the vast majority of them – is won by the Democrat. Or at least that’s how it’s seemed – since around the late 1990s when I started noticing. (A notable exception, of course, was the 2000 presidential election.) Things really came to a head in 2008 with the Alaska and Minnesota Senate races. At first it it looked like the Democrats weren’t going to have their filibuster-proof majority. But then Ted Stevens lost in Alaska – under dubious circumstances; lawyers ginned up an indictment against him just before the election, and only later was the indictment thrown out amid prosecutorial misconduct.

And then, months later, Al Franken was declared the winner, also under dubious circumstances. Franken’s win, along with Arlen Specter’s party switch, sealed the deal for the Democrats. They got their 60-seat filibuster proof majority. Franken must have been patting himself and his legal team on the back for working so hard to finagle that win.

But his smile must have melted into a frown the morning of January 20, when it was announced that Scott Brown won the special Senatorial election in Massachusetts. A totally clean victory. The only hanky panky came from the other side: right before the election, the left’s biggest talk radio personality and MSNBC commentator Ed Schultz encouraged Democrats to vote early and often, i.e. engage in massive voter fraud.

It was only by pure chance that the Dems lost their supermajority. It’s not every day that a seat is up for grabs.

To think that of all Democratic senatorial seats to become vacant at that time, it belonged to the father of healthcare deform. And totally contrary to what one would expect in such a heavily Democratic state, that vacant seat was won by a filibuster-breaking, healthcare deform-derailing Republican.

Yes, in light of the dubiously-attained Democratic supermajority, poetic justice was served.

Mind you, the Redistributionist Left is still winning and likely will continue to win for decades to come, but still, it’s sometimes nice to see an occasional wrench get thrown into the machinery of their all-powerful locomotive.

Gommygoomy Says it All

Today there’s a mea culpa column in the New York Post written by someone who, based on his article, seems fairly right-of-center, yet who voted for Obama and regrets it. I was fixin’ to write a comment to the article by Michael Goodwin, pointing out how in the heck could he ever have voted for Obama given that the latter’s leftist record was so plain to see, as I did vis-a-vis Clive Crook in this video.

But then I read one of the comments under the article, and knew right then that anything I write could never, ever even come close to topping what this guy had to say. Remember that ad where the guy takes one look at his cell phone bill and is blown out of his chair? Well in my imagination, that’s what happened to Michael Goodwin when he read that comment.

It was written by “gommygoomy” dated 12/20/2009, 9:04 am. Here are the relevant points:

See? … This is what happens when you IGNORE what you know to be true. Barak Obama was NOT a secret. He had a VOTING RECORD. He had a RESUME’. He had a HISTORY. “Men shall know you, by the company you keep.” Jeremiah Wright, for TWENTY YEARS! William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. John Marshel Davis. Louis Farakhan. Khaleed Rashidi. The Black Panthers. He ADMITTED who he was in his BOOKS. His life, running the streets of Chicago. TRAINING ACORN in the ways of SAUL ALINSKY. The most LIBERAL VOTING RECORD in the Senate. And now you’re SHOCKED, that there’s gambling taking place at the Casino.
What did you think was gonna happen.. . . Ever wonder how ROME fell? You’re looking at it. Obama is CALIGULA. He’s NERO. And he’s LENIN. And YOU put him there. IDIOT.

(Disclaimer: In the comment, Obama is equated with Lenin. For the record I disagree with that equation. Actually, gommygoomy likely was exaggerating. Nevertheless, to guard against the eventuality of someone evoking Alinsky’s Rule #12 on me, I am obliged to include this disclaimer. As far as equating Obama with Nero and Caligula, I have no opinion because my Roman history is quite rusty. Also, I don’t endorse name-calling, as in “IDIOT”.)