And No Religion Too

It’s symbolic – and ironic – that in Europe following terrorist attacks, the unofficial anthem of choice is that ode to atheism, John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

After the November 13 attacks in Paris, a pianist attracted the attention of millions via the mainstream press and social media when he played Imagine outside one of the places of carnage, The Bataclan. Last February in the aftermath of killings in Copenhagen by a radical Muslim, tens of thousands of Danes sang Imagine at memorials across the country.

“Imagine there’s no heaven …. No hell below us … And no religion too,” go the lyrics.

It’s symbolic because religionless is what Europe has become – particularly Northern Europe. Churches in France are closing for lack of worshipers. Only about 5-10 percent of the French go to church regularly. That percentage is even less in Denmark.

So the ethnic French (as opposed to ethnic Arabs in France) largely have attained one of the sentiments longed for in the song: no religion. They have abandoned the Christian faith.

Are they better off without Christianity? The tragic event of last weekend suggests they are not.

French society still retains some Christian values. They include a love of peace, justice, and civility, and helping the poor and downtrodden. The latter manifests itself in the form of generous foreign aid programs, and taking in refugees afflicted by war and poverty.

It is one thing for a country to open one’s doors to a certain number of the poor and downtrodden. It is quite another thing to open one’s doors to whole nations of poor and downtrodden – from radically different cultures. That is what France and other developed countries including the United States have been doing. (And it’s not just motivated by compassion, but also by a desire to import future liberal-left voters.)

Taking in what amounts to whole nations of peoples fundamentally transforms the identity and culture of the host nation. After decades of migration from the Middle East and North Africa, many aspects of French society are being upended, such as a rise in economic inequality. But worst is the importation of the culture of violence. It should not surprise anyone that terrorist attacks that always have been so common in the Middle East are now taking place in Europe.

Had the French remained devout Christians, it is doubtful they ever would have taken in such huge numbers of Muslims. They would have recognized the threat it would have posed to their Christian identity, to their freedom of worship, and to their security.

Europeans have taken to heart another piece of bad advice contained in John Lennon’s song: “Imagine there’s (sic) no countries…” The open-borders policy reflects that. And it’s devouring them.

Imagine also makes a nod to communism with the “Imagine no possessions” line. At least the French haven’t gone that far – yet.

But getting back to imagining no religion, the abandonment of Christianity in France invites another great danger: less protection from God.

All you atheists, agnostics, and Christians who don’t take your religion too seriously may laugh off what you just read. I would have, back when I was in your camp. But a couple of years and a lot of investigation later, I’ve become convinced that all those things that we associate with religion are actually true: God, the spiritual world, the divinity of Christ, the authenticity of the gospels, heaven and hell, angels, and fallen angels. Evidence of that will be presented in future articles. But for now, suffice it to say that fallen angels do exist. (The Drudge Report posts stories on that topic practically every few days – and many of them are credible.) The earth truly is the devil’s playground. His greatest triumph is convincing the world that he doesn’t exist.

According to theologians, God protects us from the evil one all the time. Without such protection, the whole of the earth would degenerate into one big slaughterhouse. When nations turn further away from God, His protective hand eases up.

That’s what’s happening in France. Last weekend we saw one of the consequences. As America turns further away from God, we too tread on more dangerous territory.

It behooves those in France, America, and other Western nations to return to their Christian roots. Otherwise, expect more tragedies such as what happened in Paris.

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Routine Events Don’t Make the News

Within days of the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris that killed 129 people, a string of terrorist attacks took place in Lebanon, Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East, killing more than 80 people. Washington Post columnist David Ignatius laments the fact that the Middle East terrorist attacks got far less press attention than the Paris attacks. “Do Western nations think that Muslim lives matter less?”, he asks.

The reason terrorist attacks in the Middle East get less press attention is because they’re such a common occurrence there. It’s akin to how morning traffic jams on the George Washington Parkway near D.C. never get mentioned in radio station traffic reports – because traffic jams there are expected and routine. It doesn’t mean that the radio stations think that G.W. Parkway commuters matter less.

And that prompts the question: Given that terrorist attacks are so common in Middle Eastern culture, is it wise to transplant that culture into Western countries? We saw the consequences of that in Paris November 13.

It’s kind and compassionate to take in limited numbers of poor and downtrodden from the Middle East. It’s foolish to take in what amounts to whole nations of peoples from the Middle East, to the extent that our own culture and identity get transformed.

Worst-Timed Articles of the Year?

Here are two candidates for the worst-timed articles of the year:

Supremacist Terror Rising, Islamic Extremism on the Decline
– Huffington Post, April 9, 2013, by SpearIt, assistant professor at St. Louis University School of Law

It ran just six days before the April 15 Boston Marathon terrorist attacks, carried out by two Islamic Extremists. Not only does the article downplay the threat by Islamic extremism, but it based its white supremacist thesis on a Texas murder case in which supremacist allegations were pure speculation. Sure enough, the culprits were a former justice of the peace and his wife, who held a grudge against the victim.

Another candidate is:

New Study Shows 3 Year Decline In Muslim-American Terrorist Attacks

–, March 8, 2013, by Owen

May have to revisit that one as well.

When a Liberal Meets the Paleoliberals

Great article by Eric Bell, a filmmaker and writer who started a project to document the events surrounding the building of an Islamic center in Murfreesboro, Tenn., with the aim of portraying the proponents of the center in a positive light and the opponents of the center in a negative light – not necessarily to be intentionally biased but because that’s what he genuinely believed. He got funding and support from Hollywood bigwigs to bring the film to fruition.

But then he started learning some truths about militant Islam – truths that would make any genuine liberal shudder. The Arab spring had turned into a winter, where non-Muslims started fearing for their lives. He informed the funders that he wanted to mention some of these issues in his film. “I wanted to show what happens to countries when they gain a Muslim majority, how women are treated, that homosexuals were executed, that free speech did not exist, that the forced Islamic Law was not consistent with Democratic Values – anything and everything I could think of.”

But he soon learned that he was dealing with a lot of paleoliberals. They didn’t want to hear any of those ugly truths. “Eric you are starting to sound like an Islamophobe,” they told him. “We don’t want to make a movie that promotes fear. Let’s just stick with the existing plan, okay?”

Bringing up those realities about militant Islam constituted  “hate speech” and “propaganda designed to spread fear”. There’s a site called “Loonwatch” where people – such as Bell – who criticize radical and violent Islam are called a “loon”, in the pejorative sense. (That’s ironic, because the loon is one of the most beautiful species of waterfowl. Its call is also one of the most beautiful sounds of nature.)

Unwilling to stick with the original script, Bell had to give the money back. He also got banned from writing for the Daily Kos, for revealing his liberal (as opposed to paleoliberal) tendencies. He suffered plenty of other blowback as well.

“Given the incredible density of the popular Liberal mind, …the readers of my articles were unable to see how the beliefs of Islam were in direct conflict with human rights, gay rights, women’s rights and basic Democratic Values.”

Those people are what you call paleoliberals. And unfortunately, they greatly outnumber the liberals.

Hitchens Converts

The world just lost one of the greatest and most eloquent warriors in the fight against the existential threat of radical Islam. Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011. See him at his finest two posts below.

When a soldier charging toward the enemy with the American flag falls on the field of battle, another is to immediately pick it up and keep running with it. But no one soldier is going to be able to fill Hitchens’ boots. He was a good as they come. Probably irreplaceable. All of the rest of us are just going to have to try that much harder. And who knows – maybe sometime, somewhere out of the dust and smoke, someone worthy of filling his boots will indeed emerge.

As for the other war Hitchens waged throughout his life – i.e. against religion and belief in God and the afterlife – now he knows that he was mistaken in that regard. Days before Hitchens’ death, Mark Judge asked in The Daily Caller, “Is Christopher Hitchens About to Convert?

No word on whether he converted while still living in this dimension. But one thing is certain: he’s no doubt a believer now. He doesn’t no longer exist. He most certainly still exists, in a different dimension.

Classic Hitch

Cool as a cucumber, smooth as silk. That characterizes Christopher Hitchens’ reaction  to a questioner in the audience whose voice seems fairly mature and articulate, until you hear what he’s saying – at which point he comes off as quite immature. In a nutshell the questioner says that it’s America’s fault that the jihadists attack us.

Gotta love Hitch’s initial response. He takes a drag from his cigarette, a sip from his drink, lets the man have his say, and keeping with the flow of things says “There you have it ladies and gentlemen,” as the audience applauds the questioner. Someone not familiar with Hitch may think that he’s going to agree with and expand upon what the questioner has to say. Hitch says again, “there you have it.”

And then he goes for the jugular: “You see how far the termites have spread.” (Disclaimer: This blog doesn’t endorse using such metaphors in describing others, apart from terrorists and the like. To Hitch, by contrast, it’s not a concern.)

Hitch then proceeds to coolly and methodically disembowel the man who just spoke.

It’s art.

Watch the five-minute video here.

Hat tip to TheDC.

The Norwegian Terrorist Attack Could Have Been Prevented

The Norwegian killer’s “manifesto” and the video that accompanied it discusses making bombs, aquiring guns, and other obvious indicators that he was preparing to kill. Apparently he sent the manifesto and video to thousands of Facebook friends prior to the attack; the video reportedly six hours prior to the attack. (I’m not sure how long prior to the attack the manifesto was released.)

The minute they saw the references to killing, someone should have alerted police, who in turn should have immediately tried to locate and detain the terrorist. I supposed everyone had the mentality that something like that would never happen in Norway, but now we know differently. If readers and law enforcement really had been on top of things, the killings could have been thwarted.

So if you, reader, ever come across writings or ramblings of people desirous of killing, report them to the police, or in the case of potential terrorism, to the FBI.

Meantime, the terrorist really did a lot of damage to his cause. It was the single biggest blow he could have dealt to the push for reducing the flow of immigration into Europe. The people in charge no doubt will especially want to show how compassionate they are to accepting into their countries the world’s downtrodden. Now, expect Europe to get even more Muslim than it would have had the madman never carried out his unspeakable deed.

Protesting Terrorism With Terrorism

I remember as a kid hearing about the Christian militiamen in Lebanon committing a massacre, and puzzling over their description as “Christian”. If you massacre people, you’re not a Christian, I thought. You’re far from being a Christian.

The same is true of the Norwegian terrorist who massacred some 75 people in Norway yesterday. He’s described as a fundamentalist Christian. But if you kill people like that, you’re definitely not a Christian.

The madman definitely is mad. Apparently he was angry about Muslim immigration into Norway. Most folks who are opposed to mass Muslim immigration into Western societies are concerned about the potential disruptive effects thereof, such as terrorist attacks. So this Norwegian madman commits a large-scale and unprecedented terrorist attack in his country, supposedly in protest of the disruptive effects that mass Muslim immigration would bring.

In protest of Norwegian girls being raped by immigrants, he slaughters Norwegian girls by the dozens.

Mad indeed.

Incentivizing Terrorists

In what has got to be one of the most bizarrely absurd rationales given by any presidential administration in the history of the United States, attorney general Eric Holder said Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be tried in a civilian court because he killed civilians.

Deliberately killing civilians – particularly thousands of them – is the most heinous form of warfare one can wage. Those who do so are the lowest of the low, the scummiest scum of the earth. There should be special, hard-hitting tribunals set up just to deal with these kinds of rodents, as there was after WWII to deal with the Nazis who killed civilian Jews.

In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, columnist William McGurn crystallized the folly of trying KSM in a U.S. civilian court. It sends the perverse message that “if you kill civilians on American soil you will have greater protections than if you attack our military overseas.”

We have institutions, particularly the Geneva Conventions, that aim to incentivize those who wage war to target soldiers and not civilians. McGurn quotes William Burck who says that the Obama administration’s decision “demolishes this principle to give Khalid Sheikh Mohammed even more legal protections than the Geneva Conventions provide a uniformed soldier fighting in a recognized war zone.”

With this single step, McGurn points out, the Obama administration is giving al Qaeda a huge incentive to kill more American civilians on American soil, rather than to attack soldiers overseas.