Condoning Dishonesty

Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein denounces the practice of insurance companies canceling insurance on someone who omitted an illness or pre-existing condition on their application.

Comment by rodhug:
Just to get this straight: You think an applicant for medical insurance should be allowed to lie about their medical history to get lower rates and you think the insurance company (whose business model requires it to make money for its shareholders) should simply have to pay up for that lie. Wonderful.

Another comment, by donaldlevit:
What you fail to discuss is the fact that state government and law enforcement has refused to prosecute individuals that knowingly lie to obtain insurance with false information. When the government refuses to do their job insurers are left with no option but to protect themselves for the good of the company and honest policy holders. I would be pissed to find out my insurance company is charging me inflated rates because they are allowing dishonest people to game the system. Why do you leave this out? You further fail to mention this only applies to the individual market, which is 10-15 million people, this is not happening in the group market which is 10 times larger, meaning this hardly effects anyone, and only those that lie.

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