Of Note

Elizabeth Warren Whips Up Envy and Rage
She doesn’t look like a demagogue, with her neatly cropped blond hair and gentle facial features. But Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren arguably gave the most demagogic speech at this year’s Democratic National Convention. (more)

Dude, Where’s My Welfare?
So much for “hope and change”; “Yes, we can”; and the grammatically questionable “change we can believe in.” After three years of Barack Obama, the verdict is in. The official slogan for the era of Obama should be: “Dude, where’s my welfare?” (more)

Dude, You Killed Your Job
“Dude, where’s my job?” is one of the slogans one finds scrawled on signs held by disheveled young protesters at Occupy events. (more)

The Top 1 Percent Of The World
I just found out that I’m in the top 1 percent of income earners. Wow — I never knew I was so rich! Is that cool news or what? (more)

Is Buffett Wary Of The Evil Eye?
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett, troubled that he ostensibly pays a lower tax rate than his secretary, champions higher taxes on the mega-rich. But he just as easily could have championed the other logical course of action: lower taxes on the likes of his secretary. So why his eagerness for tax hikes on the rich? (more)

Want Better Health? Go To Church
Be an atheist or agnostic at your own peril. (more)

Media Corruption Averted, This Time
When you read an opinion article, how can you be sure that the author of the article isn’t being paid by an undisclosed party with a vested interest in the topic? Same with other news reports that you read or watch: how can you be sure that a public relations firm didn’t pay the media outlet to run it? (more)

A Demagogue In Economists’ Clothing
The single most prominent leitmotiv among demagogues the world over is demonization of the rich. Whether it’s railing against fat-cat bankers or bemoaning the uneven distribution of wealth, demagogues whip up hatred and passions by zeroing in on one of the most powerful and destructive of human emotions: envy. (more)

Triumph Of The Left, Decline Of America
Paul Kennedy, author of “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers,” was wrong. Nations don’t fall because of imperial overstretch. They fall because of entitlement overstretch. It’s not what happens outside their borders, but what they do to themselves inside their borders. (more)

Sweden’s Olympic Standing Goes Downhill, Weighed Down By Taxes
In the Olympic medal count, Sweden does OK for a country of its small size. But in the days of old, it consistently ranked at the top. What accounts for the downtrend? A big factor must be taxes. (more)

Put A Responsibility Fee On Barney Frank
So President Obama wants to slap a guilt tax on banks. Well if he’s going to do that, then slap one on Barney Frank. And Chris Dodd. And ACORN. And a whole laundry list of others responsible for causing the financial meltdown. (more)

Time To Reform, Not Deform, Health Care
It’s time for Republicans to push for health care reform with the same amount of fire and enthusiasm that Democrats have pushed for health care deform. (more)

Obama’s Health Insurance Deception
The president repeatedly assures us that if we like our current health insurance plan, we can keep it. That’s like telling New Orleans residents on the eve of Katrina that if you like your house, you can keep it. (more)