The Ironies of Elizabeth Warren

Apart from initially wiping out any mention of “God” from the party platform, one of the biggest manifestations of the Democratic Party’s lurch leftward is the elevation of the “wealth-is-theft” school of thought.

The notion that the wealthy got their money through institutionalized theft used to be championed just by people on the far-left fringe, like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. But at their national convention earlier this month, Democrats not only featured a speaker championing this school of thought, but gave her a coveted, prime-time slot – right before Bill Clinton.

Folks, it’s not your mom and dad’s Democratic Party anymore.

The speaker was Elizabeth Warren, who’s running for Senate in Massachusetts (and infamous for her claims of being part Cherokee Indian).

For more on the demagoguery, click here.

The ultimate irony? That Ms. Warren and her cohorts on the left are protectors of actual wealth transfer from the poor to the rich. As explained in the post below, the 15.3 percent payroll tax on the working poor, perversely, helps fund Social Security and Medicare payouts to middle- and high-income retirees. Whenever Congressional Republicans propose “means-testing” so that transfer payments don’t go to the rich, Democrats balk.

Yet another irony: Awhile back, lefties swooned over Ms. Warren’s comment along the lines that job creators should pay more taxes because of the government services provided to them like roads, police, education, etc.

But as explained in an earlier blog post, we’re getting less of those essential government services because of people like Elizabeth Warren!

The left is fueling the biggest crisis in government: the crowding out of things like law enforcement, fire protection, transportation infrastructure, education, environmental protection, etc. by wealth redistribution. Fully two-thirds of federal government spending goes toward entitlements and other redistribution programs – up from about 25 percent several decades ago. And with Obamacare, it’s on track for 70 percent in a few years. For a short video on the subject, click here.

Basic government services are getting squeezed out. Yet Ms. Warren and her allies relentlessly call for more wealth redistribution, tightening the squeeze.

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